Insects are sustainable

All the details

We know it’s tricky figuring out what choices to make to help be a
better human on Earth today.
By using insect protein in our delicious foods, we have made one of
those choices easier.
Insect powder is full of great nutrients and can be compared to
eating fish, beef and rye bread at once! Insect powder consists of:

60% protein (9 essential amino acids)

Vitamin B12

Iron, magnesium


The insects we use, lesser mealworms, are farmed vertically and fed
on spent grain taking up very little space and using few resources.

Carbon neutral meat

All Hey Planet meat products have a low CO2-impact (approx. 1kg
CO2e/kg). For the emissions that inevitably do occur, we carbon
compensate via a verified third party.

Sustainable: Fewer Resources

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Healthy: Better Nutrition

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1 af 4
  • Delicious & carbon neutral

    Our mission is to enable a green transition of the global food system by making insects an accessible and mainstream food source.

    Well, now you can serve all the family favorites with all the meatiness, lots of great protein and iron, and a low carbon footprint.