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Food for thought

Eating insects is a new concept here in Western countries that provokes very different reactions; both scepticism, but also curiosity and excitement.

The topic of edible insects is a great way to stimulate innovation and debates about sustainability, consumer habits and food. 

We offer inspiring talks and hands-on workshops for your colleagues, where we dig into the topics surrounding edible insects: climate change, food security and nutrition in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals.

European Investment Bank Talk


We offer talks and workshops for your colleagues that stimulate the mind and senses. Taking our point of departure in our journey from doing termite research in Kenya to creating an appealing brand and products for the Danish market, we touch upon some of the opportunities and challenges of creating a company in a new and innovative field. We also go into depth with the nutritional and environmental aspects of insect production and give a global perspective in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals. 


“The founders of Wholi gave an engaging and exciting presentation of their journey as a start-up, their motivations for starting Wholi, why they think that bug protein is the food of the future and a taste of all the great products they offer. Who knew that bugs could taste so good.”

Rasmus Weber, Deloitte



Our presentations cater to the specific needs and interests of the audience, be it colleagues, students or members of an organisation, and are always engaging with the possibility to taste insects.

To receive a quote please get in touch indicating the amount of participants, estimated time and location and we will get back to you within 1-2 days.

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