About us

The increasing consumption of meat is damaging our environment and also our health. In fact, the production of meat from traditional livestock emits more CO2 than the entire global transport sector. 

Our vision is to change the food and agriculture system to be more sustainable. So, years ago, we went searching for the most resource-efficient and nutritious alternative protein that our planet has to offer. Little did we know that the solution would be edible insects!

Today, we are a small team with a big mission: To make edible insects a normal part of our diet.


edible insects

Our vision is to change the food and
agriculture system to be more sustainable,
by integrating edible insects as a

normal part of our diet.

minimal environmental harm.

Our goal is to deliver innovative products
that have maximum nutritional value
and minimal environmental harm.

natural and healthy

We are dedicated to producing the most
natural and healthy products,
using the best quality ingredients
and organic whenever possible.

fight malnutrition worldwide

Our dream for the hopefully-not-so-distant-future,
when we start making a surplus,
is to fight malnutrition worldwide
with our products.

transparent and honest

We strive to make the food industry
more responsible and to inspire people
to replace conventional protein products
by being transparent and honest in everything we do.