About us


Tanzania, crickets and a revelation

Imagine a strict vegetarian teenager from Northern Denmark in a Tanzanian village surrounded by locals who happily munch on big, juicy crickets they just caught in their fields.

This was the reality roughly 10 years ago for our co-founder, Malena, who quickly got a taste for the nutritional benefits and culinary possibilities of edible insects. And her doctors were ecstatic - her levels of B12 vitamin and iron were through the roof, and she had never felt more fit.

She furthermore realised that insects were the only food that used such few resources to produce such high nutritional value. She was sold.

A big, bug vision

Fast forward to a small office in Copenhagen, Malena met Jessica, a busy entrepreneur just finishing up her work with social entrepreneurship in female prisons, who was looking for a new challenge.

After being served a saucy risotto with fat larvae, Jessica liked the taste, climate-friendliness and nutritional benefits, but insisted that the insects should be powdered in order to make the protein more accessible to the masses.

Hey Planet was born and today we’re selling a range of tasty, nutritious and planet-friendly products, fighting to integrate insect powder into the everyday meal plan in the Western world. Our dream is to secure the future of the planet and all the wonders who live here.

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