Christmas Confectionery with Insect Powder

Making your own Christmas confectionery is a tasty activity for the whole family leaving you with lots of delicious snacks! If you are looking to add some great nutrition to your food (high-quality protein, fibre, iron and vitamin B12) it is really easy, just add a few spoonfuls of buffalo beetle powder.

To make your own Christmas confectionery you will need
  • a packet of dates (400 or 600 grams, we recommend juicy medjool dates with pits)
  • raw cacao 
  • nuts (we prefer almonds, roasted hazelnuts and pistachios)  
  • Buffalo beetle powder (get it here)

For giving flavour and decorating your confectionery you can get all or some of the below:  

  • coconut flakes
  • freeze-dried raspberries 
  • Chocolate for coating 
  • Food glitter

Unpit the dates and mix them with two spoonfuls of raw cacao powder. Chop some nuts and add them to the mixture together with two spoonfuls of insect powder for every 200 grams. Add a bit of water if the mixture is a bit dry, you want it nice and moist. Decorate your confectionery with melted chocolate, freeze-dried raspberries, coconut flakes or food glitter and sprinkles. 


 Julekonfekt med insekter

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