Food for Thought? 4 podcasts about Food and Sustainability

Podcasts about food and sustainability

Do you find food, future solutions and sustainability interesting? Hey Planet's CO-Founder Jessica recommends 4 podcasts about just that. Lucky you!

1. Food by Design // Ideo

Podcast about food Food by Design

A podcast determined to figure out how our food system is designed and how it might look in the future.

2. Med Mad i Munden // Samvirke

samvirke podcast med mad i munden

What does food mean to us? Samvirke tries to answer that question with a series of guests that each have their own special relationship with food. Listen to Rasmus Munk from Alchemist reflect on the limitless meal or Ida Rud who talks about food shaming.

3. Frejs Fødevarefrekvens // Tænketanken Frej

frejs podcast

Tænketanken Frej describes the podcast as something “for you who want to plant a seed of wisdom about foods, farming, nature and sustainability in your mind.”


4. Den Grønne Løsning // Information

den grønne løsning information podcast

Every Tuesday Information investigates climate questions and sustainable solutions in the name of sustainability - and with the help of a different scientist each time.


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