From cooking at home to being in almost 100 shops - looking back at 2017

About a year ago, we were busy in our kitchen at home testing different recipes with  insects - crickets, worms and larvae. Not all of our ideas had the same level of success, but after a while we began to get a lot of positive feedback from our friends and family. We took our snacks to some Christmas markets and quickly found ourselves stuck in our pots, not being able to keep up with the demand.

After receiving overwhelming support on Kickstarter, we contacted the best-matching retailers in Denmark, who to our positive surprise decided to take in our Dare Squares. This gave us some tight deadlines like getting barcodes, testing our best before date, calculating the nutritional profile, finding pallets and packing pretty big amounts of snacks. Since then, we have produced 20.000 packets of Dare Squares by hand!

20.000 snacks later

We knew that producing ourselves would not last forever, but we did not want to rush the process of finding someone else to produce our snacks for us. It had to be someone with the right values and care for making quality organic foods. When we finally found a good partner, we were also privileged enough to receive a generous offer from a private investor. This has made it possible to scale our production and now we can focus on creating new delicious products and spreading the word about the amazing benefits of edible insects.

Today, you can buy our Dare Squares in three different flavours in 63 Irma shops, Magasin’s Mad & Vin as well as 25 speciality shops all around Denmark. Soon you will even be able to buy Dare Squares in the United Kingdom and Germany.

We are thrilled by how well our innovative snacks are being received and are feeling confident that 2018 will really be the year where eating insects will seriously take off.