Are Dare Squares the healthy choice?

We are often quoted saying that Dare Squares are a healthy snack, which can be confusing, because they contain more sugar and calories than a piece of fruit or some chocolate, for instance.

Dare Squares are based on dates, nuts and insect-flour, so are they really good for you? Might you just as well eat a chocolate bar or some wine gums?

“Good for you” is of course a broad term that can vary according to who you are, and what your body needs. But here is why we argue, that Dare Squares are a healthy snack.

Most people want to eat something sweet once or twice in a day, and although dates have similar amounts of sugar than wine gums, dates are a natural source to a sweet taste and contain no added sugar.

Wine gums on the other hand, to take an example, are made of refined sugar and do not contain any vitamins or other nutrients other than simple carbohydrates, which makes your blood sugar peak fast after you eat them.

The insect-flour that we use in our Dare Squares is rich in high-quality protein, dietary fibres, vitamins and minerals.

When we mix the dates with insect-flour, the benefits are much higher. Now we are talking about a snack that can satisfy your sweet tooth while giving you a healthy dose of fibre, vitamin B12, iron and protein. The fibre from the insects prevents the rise in your blood sugar, keeps your blood sugar stabilized and will therefore keep you fuller for longer. 

So if you are craving a sweetie but want to cut down on the quantity you can have a little Dare Square or two and feel energized.

Bonus info: Crickets are so rich in vitamin B12, that just by snacking one bag of Dare Squares you have covered the recommended daily intake of the vitamin!