Getting full of a meal of insects must be impossible, right? Wrong!

When considering whether or not to incorporate insects to your diet, one might wonder - but wouldn’t you need to eat a lot of insects in order to feel full? And how is eating more of the insects as opposed to just one beef more climate-friendly?

Well, as a start it is worth noting that insects are extremely efficient at turning the feed they eat into more body mass, meaning they grow quickly and reproduce quickly.

Our insects come from vertical farms and take up very little space. In that way, it is possible to farm a big amount of insects in a smaller space, as opposed to beef which take up a lot of space as well as an extreme amount of resources.

As insects take up less space and require less food and water, they are very climate-friendly to produce, even when it is in larger quantities. Insects actually provide 9 times more protein than beef does.

The good thing about insects is that they are easily incorporated into a meal. We have created Insect Powder and just a scoop of powder provides a lot of nutrients. This means that you can easily add a scoop of Insect Powder to your bakings (buns, bread etc.) as well as a falafel batter and such. It is an easy addition, but it provides your body with a good amount of B12, magnesium, iron and fibre.