Why we only use powdered insects

powdered insects

Edible insects are traditionally eaten whole - for instance as a street snack like spicy crickets in Cambodia or these crunchy chapulines in Mexico. 


And trust us, we absolutely love to eat them whole. They honestly taste delicious and have amazing textures. But long ago we made the decision to make our product range exclusively with insect powder (dried whole insects that have been pulverised). Why is that?

More people should eat insects

Our three core values are sustainability, great taste and nutrition. Basically, our vision is to get as many people as possible to eat as many insects as possible (well, within reason of course). Hey Planet exists first and foremost because of the challenges our planet faces. We absolutely have to change the way we eat, if we want to save the climate. And incorporating insects into our diet is an efficient way to do so.

The first step to complete this mission is to make products that people can relate to and understand. For most people, here in Europe at least, eating insects is a big challenge, and introducing the novel food in powder form takes away the biggest hurdle. 

Nutrition bomb

Another reason why we use insect powder is that it is nutritionally dense. Powder of course does not contain water, so it enables us to get more insects into our products than we would if we used whole insects. One of our protein bars, for instance, consists of 11% buffalo beetles, which is almost 5 grams per bar, corresponding to almost 200 buffalo beetles (!). That’s one healthy bar. 

In short, we believe we can appeal to more people and serve up more bugs by using insects in powder form, bringing us closer to a more sustainable food culture.

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