We are Finalists: European Investment Bank Institute SIT

The European Investment Bank Institute acts as a catalyst for economic and social development within EU member states. Once a year, they hold a Social Innovation Tournament that recognizes and supports the best European social entrepreneurs.

We have been selected among 14 other finalists to compete for a €50.000 and €20.000 grant, respectively, and access to a strong network of investors, venture philanthropists and foundations who can help the project to scale.

In April we attended a mentoring bootcamp in Amarante, Portugal, and in two days, 24th October, we will attend the final pitch event in Dublin, Ireland.

Wish us luck! :) 

You can read more about the competition or watch a short video here: 


We applied to the competition in order to accelerate the launch of our newest product, a kind of meat-alternative made from peas and insect powder. 

Manna insect burger


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