Where to start when you want to minimize your personal CO2-emission

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The decisions we make and the action we take in the kitchen have a lot to say for how much we impact the climate as individuals. Danes averagely emit 17 ton CO2 per year, and 3 tons of that emission stems from the stuff we put in our mouths, which makes the kitchen the ideal place to start when it comes to a more lifestyle.

Eat less meat - and more insects

Yes, meat is bad for the climate. It’s yesterday’s news, but that doesn't make it less right. Have a stash of legumes in the kitchen counters, and stock up on some tasty insect powder. That way you don’t have to compromise nutrition-wise - with a pair of spoonfuls of buffalo beetle powder added to a vegetarian meal, you still get the vital protein, iron, B12 etc., you’d otherwise only get from meat and sometimes dairy. 

Buy the beetle powder here.

Waste less food

In Denmark, we yearly waste 700.000 tons of food. Make sure to store your food correctly to make them last the longest, and be creative when it comes to your vegetable remains, that last cup of dried chickpeas in the bag or sip of (oat) milk in the carton. Surely, there’s a hearty stew or soup hiding in there somewhere. 

Get more tips

We’re featured in an extensive list on Redfin’s editorial site. Here, they serve you a grand collection of tips in their article “Experts Dish Their Secrets for Keeping a Sustainable Kitchen”. Go learn! 

See the article here.

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