Want to boost your health and save the planet? Eat insects

The super powers of insect powder

The thought may seem off-putting in the beginning, but it is actually very healthy and tasty to integrate insect powder into your diet. 

Insects are incredibly nutritious and by eating them we get a range of essential nutrients that can be hard to get enough if you do not eat meat.

It is so nutritionally dense that you do not need to add more than a spoonful or two to your meal.


Insect powder consists of 62% protein that has a high digestibility (up to 98%).

Two tablespoons of insect powder contains as much protein as one chicken breast.

Insect powder also contains B12, iron, magnesium and zinc. For instance, you would have to eat 175 grams of chicken to get the same amount of vitamin B12 as 25 grams insect powder.

Unlike meat insects also contain Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, which contributes to a healthy gut and helps the body absorb the nutrition.

Sustainable food

If you are committed to eating sustainably, it can also be a very good idea to start eating insects.

Insects are very resource-efficient requiring very little feed and water to grow and reproduce. That is because they are cold-blooded unlike mammals that need much more energy to keep them going.

Insects are typically fed bio-waste such as spent grain from breweries, which helps solve yet another problem!

Lastly, insects natural habitat is small and dark spaces and therefore they do not take up very much land. In fact they are grown in vertical farms.