10 Creative and Sustainable Stocking Stuffers for Kids and Adults

Christmas is all about giving, but it doesn’t always give much consideration to the planet. Besides good food and cosy times by the fireplace, Christmas is unfortunately also causing a good deal of wear and tear on the planet. But fret not, because we found 5 gift ideas for your Christmas stocking this year - that are easy, personal and sustainable.

Of course you want to buy the perfect gifts for your family and friends – but what you don’t want to do is contribute to a high CO2-emission and all the unnecessary waste involved in Christmas shopping. The Christmas presents that an average Dane buys emits 133kg of CO2, according to the green think-tank Concito. Yikes! So if your idea of a perfect gift includes being kind to the environment you are in the right place.


For the grown-ups

1. Sustainable Candles

Tips for sustainable candle

Christmas is all about
hygge and there’s no hygge without candles. Try these 100% natural candles made from beeswax from Danish bee farms or a set of LED candles to avoid harmful fumes from paraffin.

Buy the beeswax candles here.
Buy the LED candles here.

2. Homemade Coupons

Sustainable gift

Earn the title as the world’s best girlfriend/son/sister/colleague and create a homemade coupon for a free vacuuming, massage, breakfast in bed or choice of TV show for a week.

3. Clean Ears Forever

Tips for sustainable q-tip

Last Swab q-tips will thoroughly clean the ears of the receiver as well as saving him or her from ever buying disposal q-tips again.

Buy Last Swab here.

4. Food Waste Body Scrub

Sustainable bodyscrub

Clean a used jam jar and fill it up with one part of your favourite oil and two part sugar and/or coffee grounds. Add your own touch in the form of a spoonful honey, dried lavender, tea leaves or cinnamon and finish off with a pretty ribbon. Voila!

5. Delicious Insects

Sustainable snack

Invite someone who hasn’t tried insects to our tasty Dare Squares and widen their gastronomic horizons!

Buy Dare Squares here.

For the kids

1. Natural Crayons

Sustainable crayons

Let the creativity begin with these sustainable crayons made from upcycled paper instead of wood - which means saving precious rainforest, yay! 

Buy the crayons here.


2. Free, Environmental Playdough

Sustainable playdough

Did you know how easy it is to make playdough from only 6 ingredients? And you most likely already have them in the kitchen. Your kid won't know the difference. Probably. And even so, you can save money and resources on this one, so go ahead.

Find the recipe here.

3. A New Old Teddy

Sustainable teddy

Marie Kondo the bejesus out of your closet and use one of your old sweaters for a brand new teddy for the little one. It only takes a little bit of sewing skills to upcycle your wardrobe - and you’ll actually find some use for that expensive shoulder-padded-silver-studded-maxi-dress that you never wore.

See the guide here.

4. A Day of Fun

Sustainable fun

Now, every kid is different, so you have to adjust this gift for your child’s taste. Wrap a card or a symbol and tell them that today the gift is a whole day of their favourite thing to do. Are you going to bake a thousand cookies, go play in a forest or read an entire Harry Potter book? No matter what you’re going to have some great, CO2-friendly quality time together.

5. Fuggly Fruits

Sustainable toys

PlanToys make their beautiful toys out of leftover sawdust, and with these wonderful crooked vegetables and fruits you can teach your kid about the waste of greens that don't live up to the ‘beauty standards’ of the supermarkets shelves. Legeakademiet has a bunch of other wooden foods, so by the end of December you can easily equip an entire toy kitchen with food that will last for generations.

Buy the 'ugly' veggies here.
Buy other wooden food here.

Although you might be tentative of giving family and friends unusual and homemade gifts, don’t be afraid of leading the way and be a Planetarian hero. We bet you they’ll feel even more appreciated by your creativity in the name of the planet.

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