Sustainable nutrition for your baby

An infant’s diet is straightforward the first six months. Here, the diet is liquid in the form of breast milk or formula. From the time when your baby is 4-6 months old and starts weaning, everything gets a bit more complicated. What should they eat and how do you make sure they get the right nutrition?

According to the Danish health authorities, babies should eat meat or fish every day in order to cover their iron needs. The meat or fish either needs to be soft or finely chopped/mashed/blended so the baby can chew it. It can be difficult to be creative every day thinking about new ways to offer meat and fish, not to mention time consuming.

A nutritious and very easy-to-use alternative is edible insect powder. Insect powder, such as buffalo beetles or crickets, are very high in iron and many other vitamins and minerals including B12, magnesium, zinc and calcium. The powder also contains protein and fibre.

Since it is powder, it is easy to add to any type of porridge or vegetable mash. The powder has a long shelf life and does not need to be eaten within 24-hours unlike most other fresh foods, potentially also reducing waste.

It is easy to bring the powder with you on trips since it does not need to be cooled, but can be stored at room temperature.

Another benefit of giving your baby edible insects is that they get used to the nutty umami taste and will become the most sustainably fed and awesome baby in the world. Just like Louisa here. 



Add 1 spoonful without a top to your baby’s porridge (1dl).

Stir and serve.

The daily recommended intake for babies is: 

5mg zinc
8mg iron
0,5ug B12

By adding 1 spoonful of buffalo beetle powder (12g) your baby gets: 

approx. 1mg iron (12,5% % RI)
approx. 0,5ug B12-vitamin (100 % RI)
approx. 1,6mg zinc (32% RI)

Compared to chicken, buffalo beetle powder has considerably higher nutritional content. 50 grams of chicken will cover: 

approx. 0,2mg jern (0,02% RI)
approx. 0,18ug B12 (0,001% RI)
approx. 0,3mg zink (0,015% RI)

of the daily recommended intake for a baby 0-12 months. 

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