Please Welcome Hey Planet: New Name, Same Mission

Life is full of surprises and unexpected turns, and so is our entrepreneurial journey! That is also the beauty of it. We keep evolving - not just developing new foods for you, but also as a brand and as a team. Big changes have been on the way for us for some time, and now it is finally out in the world. 

We are now called Hey Planet! We bring you a new name, but the same mission - to create sustainable and nutritious food that tastes amazing. Changing our company name has been a process of looking at what is important to us, evaluating what we stand for, and how we can communicate that. Now, more than ever, we are focussed on creating a food system that takes into account what impact our diet has on the planet and that acts responsibly.

To show you what Hey Planet stands for, we would like to present to you our manifesto. We hope it helps you understand what is most important to us and what drives us, when creating food for you!

Hey Planet Manifesto

The Hey Planet Manifesto

  • Our vision is to change the food and agriculture system to be more sustainable, by integrating edible insects as a normal part of our diet.
  • Our goal is to deliver innovative products that have maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental harm.
  • We are dedicated to producing the most natural and healthy products, using the best quality ingredients and organic whenever possible.
  • Our dream for the hopefully-not-so-distant-future, when we start making a surplus, is to fight malnutrition worldwide with our products.
  • We strive to make the food industry more responsible and to inspire people to replace conventional protein products by being transparent and honest in everything we do.
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