Exploring China

In May this year, we participated in the 2nd International Conference on Insects to Feed the World, in Wuhan, China. 

Planning our trip to the East, we were obviously interested in also tasting some local delicacies. Eating insects is widespread in the South of China, but not a common dish in Wuhan, which is in the center of the country. So we took the opportunity to look for some Southern Chinese Restaurants while we were stopping over in Shanghai. 

With more than 23 million inhabitants we were sure to find some interesting foods and Shanghai did not disappoint. Our first attempt was at the Southern Barbarian, a restaurant snook in behind a small mall. They served several local delicacies from Southern China including bamboo caterpillars, grasshoppers, honey bees, wood bugs and scorpions. Obviously we had to have them all. 

Eating local grasshoppers in ChinaScorpions - our favourite insect in ChinaWood bugs - slightly leathery chew and a little squishy inside, not our favourite bug. honey bees, grasshoppers and bamboo caterpillars

Insects are not the only exciting and delicious foods on offer in Shanghai. We also had crispy scallion bread, slowly fermented yoghurt that tastes like pear, and loads of dumplings and bao. 

We also had time to go to the Bund and the Yuyuan Gardens. Shanghai is an amazing city that we can definitely recommend anyone who likes big cities, shopping, walking and eating new things, which goes beyond the usual London or NYC trip.

The Bund, ShanghaiSo many food experiences in ChinaYuyuan gardens in Shanghai

On to Wuhan for the conference! 

At the conference we met leading researchers in the entomophagy field as well as insect farmers from Asia, Africa, Europe and USA and companies developing consumer goods and working with consumer preferences. 

Malena presented her research on the importance of termite production in a small town in Kakamega, Kenya and highlighted some growing issues connected to pesticide use from multinationals and climate change, which are straining the termite population. 

The second international conference on insects to feed the world

From Wuhan we went on to Cambodia, which we have a little blog about as well. Click here to see it.