3 healthy or climate-conscious habits for January - and how you keep them

new habits

A new year. A new beginning. And a new you. 
At least that’s how a lot of people feel in January. With the turning of the calendar into a new year comes a change of habits. But what are good habits really? And how to incorporate them into our everyday life?

Science has tried to pinpoint exactly how long it takes for a behaviour to become a routine, but it differs too much from habit to habit - and probably also from person to person.

We’ve tried to make a list for you with habits that we think will be a little easier to work into your daily pattern. That’s mostly because they are based on pleasure and climate consciousness. We’ve stayed far away from the fasting diets and marathon training (although feel free to practice that all you want, if that’s your thing) and tried to focus on positive rewards - both for your health, your wallet and the planet.

1. Make physical activity into ‘you’-time

exercise more

We know you must be sick and tired of hearing about exercise as the key to everything. 

Nonetheless, a lot of researchers do recommend physical activity when it comes to an improved mental well-being and prevention of a lot of diseases.

But running 10 k every other day isn’t a lasting solution for all of us. And in order to keep being active, it’s important that we to some extent enjoy the exercise.

We suggest thinking about exercise in a different way:

Buy yourself an e-book subscription and listen to an exciting book when you go for a walk a couple of times a week.

Light candles, put on some relaxing music and do online yoga at night - finish off by meditating. 

Make a weekly date with good friends to bike, play soccer or take walks - and watch a movie or cook dinner together afterwards. 

What if we could transform physical activity from a duty into a time for self-pampering? And actually look forward to it.

When you’re active and living that healthy life, remember to stock up on nutritious snacks. Our Hey Planet bars are a great way to get a healthy, protein-filled and tasty shot of energy before your walk or yoga session. 


2. Off-the-phone-time

less smartphone

It’s something most of us struggle with. Our addiction to smartphones. On one hand we need our phone for directions, work and sound, and on the other hand it’s easy to be sucked into a black hole of candy crush, social media notifications and clickbait. 

And it’s all science: The digital life on the little black screen is designed to give us a shot of dopamine all the time in order to keep our attention.

While it’s hard to control your relationship with your phone, while it’s in your hand, you can actually make conscious decisions to be apart from it.

Place a basket in your hallway and leave the phone there for a period of time when you get home. Invest in an old-fashioned alarm clock and keep the phone out of the bedroom. Read a good book instead (one less thing to cross off that bad conscience list). 

In most smartphone settings, you can also track your screen time and set reminders to put down the phone.

Try it for at least a month and ask yourself if you missed out on anything important?

3. Wash less

wash less

Both yourself and your clothes. 

We’re not encouraging anyone to stop showering! But maybe you don't need to wash your hair as often? Or bathe two times a day. Research actually shows that we shower too much.

It’s a simple way to save water, heat and money. And it’ll give you more time to do things you love. 

An EU study challenged people’s washing habits, and the participants ended up doing 40% less laundry. Instead they reused their sweaters, trousers and dresses; sometimes hanging the clothes outside in the fresh air for a while instead of cleaning it. This is a definite win-win. Less laundry, more money, happy planet. 

We would love to hear your thought on habits. Please reach out or use the hashtag #heyplanet, so we’ll be able to see your pics and regram.

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