Isn’t it better to be vegetarian or vegan?

We are often met with the question “but, isn’t it better for my health and the climate if I just eat vegetarian or vegan?” and obviously we think it is great if an individual chooses to be vegan/vegetarian out of love and respect for the climate.

However, if you want to have a sustainable diet it is more complicated than saying it has to be 100% vegan or vegetarian.

Having a sustainable diet means that you are providing your body with all the necessary nutrients for as few resources as possible. Depending on where you get your mango/avocado/soy beans from, it is not necessarily more sustainable than eating bugs, since bugs are very rich in protein, vitamin B12, iron and a range of other minerals and vitamins. We recommend checking out the EAT-Lancet forum to learn more about having a sustainable diet.



Compared to meat, insects are much more sustainably produced as you get a lot more protein for a lot less. But if you read this, you probably know what a toll meat takes on the planet, so perhaps you would be interested in the comparison of plants vs. insects

Obviously, eating plant based is great for the planet, if the production is done with sustainability in mind, i.e. no pesticides etc. However, there’s no reason that you can’t supplement your plant diet with insects and it is actually quite beneficial for you!

Insects contain things like B12, iron and all of the 9 essential amino acids. B12 and iron can be difficult to obtain, especially when eating a solely plant based diet. Insects can bring a lot of the good nutrients to your diet, that you would have to get via supplements etc. If you are more concerned with the ethical perspective of your diet, you would perhaps like to know that our insects are produced and killed in a very humane way. They don’t feel any pain or unnecessary stress in the process and a lot of studies show that insects perception is very limited and not at all as complex as livestock like pigs and cows are. The insects that we use are produced is in small dark "shelves" in a farm, which is very similar to their natural habitat. When they are killed they are first frozen into hibernation before they die - meaning they feel no pain in the process.

However, when the topic is diet, every individual has an opinion and their own choice, so we don’t want to judge or force anyone into eating insects. We only want to inform you about the benefits of adding insects to your diet.

If you want to read more about this, we found this article comparing insect protein to plant protein very interesting.

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