Insect Gastronomy in the East vs in the West

It has been normal for humans to eat insects in their everyday meals for the longest time. However it never really came to the Western civilization and we have always found it kinda gross.
However, we are beginning to pick up on the benefits of eating insects and it’s becoming a bit of a trend. Yet, we don’t want to make a trend of insects, we want to normalize the eating of insects, so that people can incorporate it into their diets without it being a gimmick.

Many cultures embrace eating insects, most commonly in Asia, Africa and South America - which actually is a pretty big part of the world. There are around 2000 edible insect species, that are consumed by a lot of people on a daily basis. This could be butterflies, beetles, ants, grasshoppers, crickets, termites, dragonflies and a lot more.

So why haven’t the Insect Gastronomy reached the Western countries in the same way? A lot of people raise their brows and exclaim in disgust that they absolutely wouldn’t eat an insect, but why is that? They are seen as gross and disease-carrying (perhaps with a thought on mosquitoes carrying malaria and such) - however there really isn’t a basis for these views.

Another thing is that crickets are actually related to shellfish (shrimps) and I’ve seen several entomologists call crickets for land shrimps - so if you happily eat shellfish, you shouldn’t be afraid to try insects. They truly aren’t that scary.