A protein bar that's actually good for you!

Our protein bars are a whole new kind of bar, in all modesty a revolution within the protein bar industry; a unique combination of great taste, a high nutritional profile, made from all-natural ingredients. A protein bar that is actually good for you. We have developed three delicious flavours; Crunchy Peanut Butter, Apple/Cinnamon and Cocoa Orange.  




Salty Peanut Butter: dates*, peanuts*(22%), buffalo larvae flour(11%), cacao powder*, rice protein*, peanut oil*, sea salt. 

Apple/cinnamon: Dates*, almonds*, Buffalo Larvae flour(11%), apple*, rice protein*, almond oil*(0,5%), cinnamon*, sea salt.

Cocoa Orange: dates*, almonds*, Buffalo Larvae flour(11%), cocoa powder*, rice protein*, orange oil*, almond oil*, sea salt.

*=100%  organic

 This combination is made possible by using one simple and sustainable ingredient: buffalo worms – ground into a fine flour. Using bug flour might be surprising to some, however, besides from having a delicious nutty flavour, using bug protein carries several benefits.  





Our insect protein bars are more than just a protein bar. It is also packed with Omega-3, fibre, vitamins and minerals. These important nutrients mean that you are kept fuller for longer with a more stabilised blood sugar. It also means that there are no artificial sweeteners or other additives, which most high-in-protein bars contain, and that the protein actually gets digested. Insect protein has a high digestibility with up to 98%. 

    The bars are made with high-quality ingredients that are certified organic (all apart from the buffalo’s that cannot be certified yet due to legal reasons). All three bars are ideal before or after a workout, to feel full and get fuelled, or as a tasty afternoon snack.





    Bugs are not only good for you, they are also the most climate-friendly animal protein available. Producing bugs requires a tiny fraction of the resources used to produce beef, pork or chicken in terms of land, water, feed and CO2. Insects even take up less land and use less water than soy beans. A publication by the United Nations have called insects the food of the future due to their health and climate benefits.