7 Christmas gift ideas if you are worried about the climate

Christmas can be full of mixed emotions if you are concerned about climate change. On one hand, Christmas is about slowing down and spending time with your family, and on the other hand, we turn up our consumption of just about everything. 

If you are a worrier, it’s not without reason. According to the green think-tank Concito, 734.000 tons CO2 is emitted alone from Christmas gifts (this number is from 2011 and is likely quite a bit higher today.) But luckily, there are so many great sustainable alternatives to new jeans, pans and bed linen. Here is our choice of top 7 sustainable gifts that will undoubtedly please your loved ones and be kind to the environment. So that’s two in one, right? 

1. Unforgettable Experiences

Sustainable presents experiences

Yes, yes, it’s a classic. But let's be honest, most of us remember the time we went to that great show better than those Ugg Boots (I mean, what were we thinking?). Gifting an experience is the ultimate way to avoid waste and create memories at the same time. How about a hiking trip in the beautiful West Jutland nature, a year pass to the theatre, tickets to the opera or a gift card to a local restaurant? 2.

2. Tasty Homemade Treats

Sustainable presents homemade food

Can you create wonders in the kitchen? Yes, you can. ‘Cause it’s really easy to throw together a jam, some pickles, Moroccan preserved lemons or cookies with insect powder. You will get so many hugs and so much credit from the receivers. 

Get our powder here.
Get a recipe for cookies here.

3. Tasty Bought Treats

Sustainable presents climate present

If you’re into food gifts, but absolutely not interested in making them yourself, there’s plenty of opportunities to buy sustainable edible presents premade. There’s coffee from Impact Roasters, a great locally brewed gin, chocolate from Social Foodies, Danish wild cider (http://www.aeblerov.com/), crunchy delicious granola from Danish Granola Company.

And last, but not least, we’ve created a Climate Gift filled with sustainable snacks for you to give to that friend or family member, who’s into the planet. And we made you a Christmas offer, so it's only 149,-. Now that’s a personal gift.

4. Selfcare Deluxe

Sustainable presents aesop products

Treat your friends and family to treat themselves with sustainable beauty products such as exquisite vegan soaps, creams - and toothpaste? 

Find Aesop products here.

5. Eternity Bouquet 

Sustainable presents flowers

Flowers might sound like a weird thing to put under the Christmas tree, but the trend of eternity bouquet actually qualifies as a decent present (we think). It’s an amazing way to preserve nature and it’ll decorate the receiver’s home way past Christmas.

Find a bouquet here

6. Old gifts 

Sustainable presents recycled

There’s nothing more beautiful than giving new life. And the time and energy you put in finding a nostalgic 90’s Gameboy for your boyfriend or an antique ring for your mom is such a caring gesture. Gift something old such as a beautiful gold ring, a classic lamp or a coffee thermos.

7. A Piece of the Rainforest

Sustainable presents rainforest

Charity gifts can be boring, but things like a framed certificate to save the rainforest can be a beautiful addition to anyone’s home decor.

Buy a certificate here.

Now you can give amazing presents as well as thinking of the planet. We wish you such a merry and environmental Christmas. 

If you are getting or buying sustainable gifts this season, we’d love to see a picture of it. Use the hashtag #heyplanet, and we’ll be able to see your pics and regram.

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