5 quick tips for living a more sustainable life

It’s 2020 and everybody has realised that our climate is facing a crisis. Well, except the president of the United States perhaps.

We have gathered 5 tips and habits that you can incorporate into your lifestyle for a more sustainable life.

Number 1: Talk about it!

You do not have to be a drag and talk about dooms day all the time, but do mention new cool innovations, little tips and tricks to save resources that you are doing or mention why you chose to take a holiday taking the train our why you gifted an experience rather than a thing. You can also just share this blog :) 

Number 2: Consider changing your diet 

One of the most effective ways we as individuals can make a positive impact is by changing the way we eat. The EAT-lancet report is based on extensive research by top academics, urging us to change the way we eat, if we want to slow climate change. Most people's diets today contain way too much meat (300% too much in the Nordic countries for instance), too much sugar and not enough vegetables, legumes, nuts and fruit. It is all about getting as much nutrition as possible with as few ressources as possible. Check out this video for instance and roam the site for hours of inspiration! 


Number 3: Remember that recyclable bag!
You might think: yes yes, we already know, plastic bags are bad. However, we see people reaching for the plastic bags in the supermarket on a daily basis. Put a recyclable bag in every single one of your day bags. Keep one in your backpack, one in your shoulder bag and wherever else it's handy for you.

Number 4: Travel slow
Are you planning your summer vacation at the moment? If you live in Europe consider planning a trip by train to one of the many European countries you can visit. Make a trip out of it if you don't like the idea of long train journeys. You can go from the wild and adventurous Norway to culture and party in Berlin to summer and beaches in Spain or Croatia. Whatever type of vacation you crave, you can almost certainly get there by train, bus and boat. That way you also get to read all those books you always complain about not reading. 

Number 5: Gift experiences over things.
It's more personal and creates lasting memories. You could consider one of our favourites, feeding otters at "Den Blå Planet" (North Europe's biggest aquarium) or gifting tickets to a musical. The gift of an experience gives the excitement of the gift, the thrill of looking forward to the experience, the happiness when the experience is happening and the joy of looking back on the amazing day you had together. What’s not to like?

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