3 Edible Insects and What They Taste Like

You care about having a planetarian diet, but are still unsure if insects actually taste good enough to become your go-to dinner? We have also totally been there! 

Whether you are keen to try edible insects or are still cautiously curious, it can be hard to imagine what insects actually taste like. Given that insects are neither vegetables, nor meat, you would think that their taste must be very unusual to us. In fact, their taste is actually not so far from flavours we are commonly used to in Europe. So we’d like to introduce you to three tasty edible insect species and what they taste like:

1. Buffalo beetles: our personal favourite

Do not be fooled by their beefy name. Buffalo beetles in the larva stage are little nutritious wonders and have a nice nutty taste. The nutty notes are not too far from flavours we are used to, like hazelnuts or walnuts. Especially in powdered form, they do not have a very strong flavour, but they still add a new and exciting touch to your food. So we like to add our powder to sweet desserts or savoury meals, for the extra nuttiness and nutritional boost.

2. Crickets: the climate-friendly snack taking over the world

Once you enter the universe of edible insects, crickets are one of the most common ones to come by. Often they are roasted, or they are made into powder. Roasted crickets have a  consistency which is not too different to popcorn. They are very light and crunchy. Cricket powder has an umami flavour, which is a bit more savoury than the buffalo beetle, making it particularly suitable in savoury snacks, like our crispbread or in a chili sin carne.

3. Caterpillars: a delicacy in many forms

Making their homes in the agave plants, the maguey worms have found their way into different parts of Mexican cuisine. They are commonly used in the production of mezcal. Oftentimes they can be enjoyed fried, which gives them a similar consistency to fried bacon and a taste similar to sunflower seeds. If you are feeling adventurous you can even try them raw, which is supposed to have a smokey flavour.

Are you ready to try some insects? Check out what we have in store!

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