• The World's First Sustainable Meat

    What's that?

What we fight for

We all need to eat. That’s a fact.

But if we keep eating like there’s no tomorrow, we'll end up cramming down the entire planet and all her wonderful resources. And she can’t keep up.

It is, however, never too late to change things up. And If there ever was a good time to think outside the box, that time must surely be now. Right?

Some people say we are way ahead of our time, but honestly, our innovation is old news (we mean, people have been eating insect protein for centuries). And it’s definitely worth the fight.

The secret ingredient

So, what’s the secret to this unfathomable future of protein? It’s really quite simple - and massively nutritious: Buffalo beetle powder

It’s a tiny edible insect with a delicious nutty flavour and a content of high-quality protein, fibre, vitamin B12, iron and so much more. They are farmed vertically and fed mainly on food waste, taking up very little space and requiring a tiny amount of resources compared to other protein sources. 

Granted, this is not vegan (bugs have souls, you know), but it is among the most nutritious foods on this planet and it requires such few resources to produce. Even the United Nations FAO say it’s a good idea to eat more of these fellas.

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